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Helpful Tips to Keep in Mind for Migrating B2B Wholesale Platform Solutions

Determining customization needs for new b2b wholesale platform solutions can be complicated! Here are helpful tips to keep in mind for migrating b2b ecommerce platforms! 


So, you have decided to change the b2b wholesale platform you are currently using? If you think that the current platform is not working for you anymore, it is definitely a time for a changed. Identifying customization needs and requirements for new b2b platforms is not an easy task.

By using these helpful tips you will be able to successfully migrate to a new b2b wholesale platform:

  • Identify customizations – The b2b websites usually have customizations that meet the specific business rule, demands, and needs. Some of the common b2b customization needs are pricing, account types and users, payment methods, shipping, and taxes. When identifying the customization needs you need to compare your current website against a potential new b2b wholesale platform. You can use Beyond compare which is a file-comparison software and look at the changes. Once you know what was change, you can determine whether or not it is a priority.
  • Avoiding failure – Migrating to new b2b ecommerce platform is a huge endeavor. To choose the right platform solution, you need to consider the web needs of your business, besides ecommerce. We recommend you to take a long-term approach. In a cross-functional team of marketing, sales, operations, and finance, you need to work together to create a vision of success. One of the common setbacks to platform migrations is a lack of important resources. You need to outline the work included in the project and determine how much time your business will need to spend on getting everything done. If you are not 100% sure, you can consult with others who have experience and have done this before.
  • Timeline – Make a test environment that includes your ERP and other systems that will need to be used with your new b2b wholesale platform. You need to import data into the test system. This is an excellent representation of the go-live process.

You need to keep in mind that development tasks for new b2b ecommerce platform solutions can take up to 6-12 months, depending on the availability, as well as, the complexity of the internal resources. In case you have a specific date to launch the new website, you can divide the project into phases or hire another development team to help you out!


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