B2B Ecommerce Solution Platforms

8 Things Every Business Should Know about B2B Ecommerce Solution Platforms

More and more business is being conducted on the web each day! Here are 8 things every business should know about B2B ecommerce solution platforms!


Let’s face it – everyone is on the web today! Online shoppers expect products and services to be available 24/7, comparable, and perfectly configurable to meet their needs online. Online stores and ecommerce websites provide customers with quick results and fulfillment they demand from their online purchasing experience.

In this articles, we will share top 8 things every business should know about b2b ecommerce solution platforms:

    1. Make the b2b experience as simple, smooth, and intuitive as b2c – Enhanced search features, interface personalization, simple checkout processes are must-haves for simple, smooth, and intuitive b2b ecommerce experiences.
    2. Ease of use refers to easy to do business with – The business consumers no longer have to wait to be served, they should research the products and services they need in just one click.
    3. Product visualization can add extra value to your products – With photos, the business buying process becomes a smooth dynamic shopping experience and through the use of photos, videos, and CAD integrations, the b2b ecommerce allows for a new dimension in product improvement.
    4. Support customer-specific pricing and contracts in b2b – Adding e-commerce functionality can present new sales opportunities, and the current customers can benefit as well. With simple and easy-to-update admin features, discounts, and prices you can stay connected with customer profiles and make sure your customers keep coming back.
    5. Integrate b2b transactions to supplier’s and customer’s systems – The b2b ecommerce solutions should work for you, your customers, and your suppliers, allowing for different payment options, multi-currency, and integrating with your ERP systems.

  1. Include the human touch of b2b sales rep in the system – When you are ready to implement ecommerce, avoid creating a barrier between the customers and the sales reps. The ecommerce solution should create a new platform for your customers, and your sales team to connect include click-to-dial functionality, photos, and etc.
  2. Provide robust security and high availability with powerful cloud architecture – Your b2b ecommerce solution should be certified standards, effective controls, and infrastructure to protect your data.
  3. Measure b2b adoption and success with proper dashboards and real-time reports – You can’t improve and accomplish your goals if you don’t know how well you are doing.

Keep this important information in mind and use them to find the best b2b platform for your business.

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